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10 Things I'm Loving Lately

10 Things I'm Loving Lately

Happy fall to everyone, even if it still feels like nature is trying to slowly cook me every time I walk outside my front door. <3

So, I know I’m really squeaking in with this one, BUT! I did not forget September 10Till. I just kept thinking September would take a little longer than it did. And, well, here we are. Anyway, it counts. Here’s my list of things that have been extra good over the last couple months:

  1. A friend I haven’t gotten the chance to catch up with much lately texted me last week and asked to swap a quick life update — how we were both doing, really, and what was new/changed since the last time we hung out. We started typing and hit send about the same time. His was a reasonable length. Mine was a novel. I apologized for the length, and he immediately responded, “Look, in the best way possible I knew you’d write more than me. That’s who you are. No need to justify or wish you’d wrote less. I read every freaking word of that.” And I just want everyone to know that’s the most life-giving thing you could say to the verbal processors in your lives. (Or the non-verbal-processors, I’d imagine, when they feel comfortable enough to open up. Basically, it’s nice to be invited to share and reminded that it’s not annoying.)

  2. I started coaching part-time at my climbing gym this semester at the suggestion of a friend on staff. I wasn’t totally sure about it starting out — I haven’t been climbing long, and coaching felt like a fairly random side gig — but decided it was worth a shot. And I’ve loved it. I’m assistant coaching two teen classes and subbing a handful of others here and there, and it’s been the best break from creative work (sometimes it’s nice to have something bringing in some income that I can truly clock out from, if that makes sense) and super rewarding on top of that. The kids are weird and fun, and the rest of the staff has been amazing in onboarding me and making me feel a part of the team. (Yay Momentum!)

  3. Speaking of climbing, this article by Brendan Leonard made me truly LOL, as the kids say. (Also, is my blog just kind of a fan blog for Semi-Rad? Maybe.)

  4. This Instagram account is gold.

  5. My only hesitation before buying my Tacoma was that I didn’t necessarily want to be one of those, you know. Truck people. Don’t get me wrong — I appreciate a good truck. But I feel like there are a lot of people out there that are just really, really into their vehicle being a truck. It’s a thing. It’s a part of who they are. And I need those people to calm down a little bit.
    That said, last week, during Imelda, my youngest sister’s school cancelled class midway through the day because the weather was so bad, and I drove safely through a flash flood to pick her up, because I have a truck. And today, the Brett’s Barbecue parking lot was so full (THANKS FOR NOTHING, TEXAS MONTHLY) that only that weird half-parking space that people miss on the corner because some of your vehicle has to be up off the curb was open, but I could just roll over that curb super easy and park there, because I have a truck. And the other day, I wanted to go on a bike ride, and instead of messing with a terrible cheap bike rack with unreliable straps, I just threw my bike in the back and drove to the park with no terrible cheap bike rack at all, because I have a truck. And anyway, what I guess I’m trying to say is… I might be a truck people.

  6. I wrapped up 9th grade LifeGroup curriculum for Kingsland last month and am well into 10th at this point. The new junior high books rolled out this year, which has been incredible to hold in my hands and set loose in the world and get working feedback on; and suddenly, I see the light at the end of the rewrite tunnel. So much of major writing projects is momentum-based, and it’s been fun to be officially on the downhill side of things.

  7. Just a Terry looking for her Jerry.

  8. This podcast episode with photographer Todd Glaser is one of the best, most informative audio conversations I’ve heard in a long time. So many times, interview-style podcasts end up sounding a little canned — you feel like you’re getting the stage version of the person, giving advice that sounds good and inspirational from a stage. Todd was super genuine and gave some of the most actionable advice I think I’ve ever heard. He also just sounded like someone I would like to hang out with one day. It was a real treat from one of my personal favorite photographers — definitely worth a listen.

  9. This isn’t a new thing by any stretch of the means, but I’ve had the chance to hang out with both sets of my grandparents a lot over the last couple months, and have been extra grateful to have them just to talk to and get perspective from. There are few people who I trust more, and there’s something extra reassuring about getting their input on decisions or tough situations or whatever it may be. Lucky to have people I love, respect, and trust so much on my team who are further down the road than me to help point the way. (Or just give me a hug and remind me that I am on the way and am going to be just fine.)

  10. One thing led to another a few days ago and I spent an hour on this Drake hotline bling meme generator and I’m not going to share my creations here because y’all aren’t ready but they were amazing and I don’t regret it at all. The end.

That’s my September list — what makes yours?

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