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10 Things I'm Loving Lately

10 Things I'm Loving Lately


(Side note before we begin: I really am going to keep going with Scary Stories, I just ended up taking a trip two weeks after I started it. And then remembering that I had two regularly scheduled posts to write. So. We’ll be back to those soon, for anyone who’s asked!)

It feels like it’s been longer than two months since I made one of these lists — the beginning of the year is always like that, isn’t it? But it’s been such a good one so far, and made narrowing down this 10TILL super hard. The best kind of problem to have.

The last couple months, I’ve been loving…

  1. SPRING. It’s fully spring in the H-town area, and I’m soaking up every bit of it — biking, running, walking, just generally standing in patches of sunlight and being happy; you know, normal stuff. Texas weather can get me down, but there are these magic periods of time in early spring and late fall that are about as close to heaven as you get — sunny, but not yet too warm, and green, green, green. It’s the reason you live here. I’m in heaven.

  2. I was skeptical when my mom first showed me these frozen cauliflower crust pizzas, but y’all. They’re delicious. Easy way to get some veggies in (and cheat cooking one night).

  3. Manu Ginobili’s jersey retirement is this week, and the Spurs have been running a Gracias Manu campaign that includes a video series called Manu Moments — people talking about defining moments they shared with him. My dad and I made it through exactly one and a half of them before I was crying. A lot.

  4. Last month was Black History Month, and my friend Alyssa Rhodes-Gossom posted daily photos, facts, and stories to her Instagram story all throughout — most of which I’d never heard, and offered some really cool information and perspective. She saved them all to a highlight on her profile, and you should definitely go check it out! (She’s hilarious, too, so that’s always a plus.)

  5. Speaking of Instagram stories, Mei Ratz’s question of the day series is one of the best things on social media. She posts a question to her story and invites followers to answer, then shares those answers. It’s really thoughtful and beautiful, and has given me good conversation starters with my real-life friends, too — and myself. <3 (Also, her “nervous means do it” bio has become a bit of a mantra for me.)

  6. I’m pretty sure I’ve discussed some of my jeans woes here before, and while Madewell’s curvy fit jeans have mostly solved my problem, I’m still a little pickier about the fit. I found a tailor in Katy (based on friends’ recommendations) to take in a significant amount of waist on my favorite pair recently, and — imagine me clapping at the end of every word of this next part of the sentence for dramatic effect — they are perfect. I don’t even know how she took in that much fabric without disrupting the rest of the fit or look of the jeans, but it’s literally seamless. 10/10 would recommend J.N. Tailors & Alterations.

  7. I’m an in-the-margins-note-taker in my Bible, and recently went back through and read my own notes from over the last year. It was amazing how much I’d already forgotten, and made me thankful for all I’ve learned and how I’ve grown. Would so recommend doing the same.

  8. I found this hoodie in a fishing store in Wimberley and it’s the softest, most comfortable, perfect-weight hoodie imaginable. SPF 50+, too, so I just keep it on hand for times when I’m going to be playing outside and don’t want to bother with reapplying sunscreen. (Or forget it entirely, because I’m a responsible adult.)

  9. My earring preferences are kind of cyclical; and this year, I’m fully back on the enormous earrings train. I am the conductor. I can’t get enough of really huge, quirky earrings, and I can already tell you that my summer 2019 #look is going to be dresses with enormous earrings because it looks fancy but is actually sneaky lazy. Bonus points for earrings that sound like lil windchimes when I’m walking around.

  10. I’m still climbing just about every day, and in the past month or so, I’ve been really proud of the progress I’ve made bouldering. For most people, bouldering is an easy starting point — it’s not as high, and therefore not as scary. But for me, bouldering was infinitely harder, mentally. There aren’t any ropes to catch me? If I fall, I just hit the mat? NO THANKS. But slowly, I’m figuring it out; and the satisfaction of topping out a problem and challenging my body is infectious. I’ve actually found myself taking bouldering-only lunch breaks. Who’da thought.

Your turn, as always. Let me know what you’re loving lately; and happy spring to everybody!

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