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Recipe for a Good Weekend

Recipe for a Good Weekend


Recipe for a good weekend:

  • Two friends

  • One very good dog

  • 48 hours

  • 2,900 miles flown, drive and walked, give or take a few

  • At least eight cups of coffee

  • So, so much food

  • A lot of country music

  • Hours of conversation with the sweetest family

  • Lake water and sand

  • All the words

  • Enough laughter to make your face hurt


I visited the one and only Nikki McCombe this past weekend in London, Ontario, and it was real good for the soul.

Ontario gets a bad/boring rap as a province, but I think it's beautiful in its own way. (Besides, it's still Canada, and y'all know how I love Canada.)

We went to 10 Eighteen Coffee (order a pour over and a donut), walked to Wortley Village for Gathering on the Green, took in a chilly sunset at Ipperwash Beach, and brunched real hard at Plant Matter Kitchen.

We took back roads to everywhere so I could drink in deep green fields peppered with little farm houses and hundred-year-old barns, standing defiantly against the Canadian countryside on stone foundations. (Bonus points for a good rainstorm along the way.)

We played with her nephews and grilled out with her family and cuddled her dog to near-annoyance. We talked about everything, per usual, and by the time we trekked back across the border to the Detroit airport on Sunday, I felt the kind of warmth and lightness that only comes from downtime with a friend whose heart understands yours.

Whatever the ingredients for your good weekend are, I hope you gather them up soon and have one for yourself. Nothing better.

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