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Phone Notes: A Peace Offering

Phone Notes: A Peace Offering


Hello, it is me, disappearing girl, checking in to tell you guys that I am, in fact, alive and well.

The month of June has been such a fun one for me. I kicked it off with following a team as they competed in the Texas Water Safari, and have since been working on a longform story about the experience. I'm right in my element, and can't wait to have the final piece here on the site.

However, it occurred to me today that for all the writing I've been doing, I haven't actually published anything blog-wise in a couple weeks. I feel terrible about this — I mean, I'm sure you've all been anxiously waiting, as I am certainly the most riveting reading material on the internet — and immediately began scrambling for something, anything, I had written previously that I could post as a peace offering.

The thing is, most of the things I have written are only half written. My body of work actually largely lives in the notes section of my phone, and is comprised of:

  • Quotes from friends ("Overkill is better than underkill." - Sara Regan, everyone)

  • Quotes from not-friends ("Dreams are awesome. But life is about what you do when you're awake." - Louie Giglio)

  • Notes about things observed out and about ("buy local or bye local" - scrawled on a tip jar at a record store)

  • Random thoughts that I might potentially slide into a future post ("I write about my life on the internet. I lie awake in bed sometimes wondering, am I a raging narcissist? My only comfort is that I figure that most raging narcissists wouldn't worry about being raging narcissists, right? So if I'm a narcissist I'm at least, like, aware of it?")

  • Thoughts that I might potentially turn into future posts ("On millennials — I don't think anyone wakes up in the morning thinking, 'Today, I'm going to be as absolutely impossible as I can manage.' No one is doing that. I think most millennials are trying, genuinely, to balance living their lives and not wasting them. The rift between generations — which, by the way, is nothing new — doesn't help that cause. We dismiss each other at our own peril.")

  • A list of things I want gold stickers for ("stopping myself before saying something that will be turned into an offensive joke," "shaving my legs," "anything to do with insurance")

  • A list of future dog names (bet you thought I was gonna share them. NOPE. This is the internet, I know how this works! Y'all ain't stealing my ideas before I even got a dog to use them on! Get your own names!!!)

  • My coworkers are big into the game "What Are the Odds?," and I apparently made a list of things they WATO'd me one day ("What are the odds you shave your head?," "What are the odds you join the Marines?," "What are the odds you join a creationist Facebook group, publicly?," "What are the odds you text Jared, 'Hey, you poopin?'")

  • A ranking of the venison recipes I have cooked, with cheeseburgers and hot plates vying for the top spot and spaghetti sauce decidedly at the bottom

  • A lot of grocery lists

  • A lot of packing lists

  • The occasional prayer and affirmation, for when I don't have my journal handy and/or just need a reminder I can pull up at a moment's notice on those days when it feels like I will never not be in my twenties — which are great, but also the kind of great that you want assurance will end at some point

Anyway, my point is, I unfortunately found nothing even close to developed enough to pass off as a real blog post, but I hope you've enjoyed this look inside my phone notes (and brain) instead. I promise I'm writing real things to share in the future, but for now, please accept this peace offering.

(And someone please tell me I'm not the only one with an overflow of half-baked musings in the notes section of her phone. I've shared. You musts do the same.)

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