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Weekend Roundup: May 19

"Dreams are awesome. But life is about what you do when you're awake." Louie Giglio

What I'm working on:

Feel like I mostly sat on various transportation mechanisms this week tbh (see above photo).

RightNow Conference Chicago took place on May 17-18, which means Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday were a scramble to make sure all the usual tasks — planning, writing and scheduling social media posts for the week and next, prepping ad campaigns to release soon after our return, and generally ensuring that nothing for which I am responsible would catch on fire in my absence — were taken care of before hopping on a plane to the Windy City. (Disappointing update: we were actually in a suburb southwest of Chicago proper, and it was not that windy at all!!! I could have safely worn a flimsy hat.)

I've said it before, but I love working our conferences. I like feeling like I'm working less on the internet and more in the actual, physical world, if that makes sense — running around taking photos and video, engaging with people in real time on our platforms, and helping out with random odd jobs. It's also a chance to spend a lot of time with coworkers, including those I don't work with closely in a typical week. It feels kind of like camp, but with your office? Which works out well because my office is full of people I would totally want to go to camp with.

Conferences are definitely a sprint, though, and by the end of this one I was feeling it. While the rest of the team headed back to Dallas, I caught a flight to Atlanta, where I planned to board a connection to Raleigh Durham, rent a car, and drive three hours to Lynchburg for my sister's college graduation.

Instead, I hit a travel snag in Atlanta that snowballed into one of those bizarre-to-the-point-of-objectively-fascinating nights that make for great stories later on but at the time make you just want to never leave home again. (We all know I will, though!!!) Many unfortunate events later, I landed back in Dallas at 10:30 this morning, where I have since taken a wonderful nap and received many live-texts of Reagan's graduation day. The end!

Randoms for your weekend:

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