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Weekend Roundup: April 28

Weekend Roundup: April 28


“It’s a slow work building a life, but the future always comes.” Emily P. Freeman

What I’m working on:

Advertising campaigns and the upcoming release of The Book of Colossians with Louie Giglio. (Are the teasers our video team made not beautiful? *cries softly at desk*)

Basically, my brain is fried from building target audience personas, writing variations of ad copy, and responding to tweets. Lots of small stuff that adds up to big goodness, but mama needs a break. Mama being me. I’m your social media mom now. This is getting weird, right? On to the links.

Randoms for your weekend:

I stumbled across REI’s podcast series Take It From Me this week, in which every episode is hosted by the previous guest. It’s a fun idea and the people that took part are smart, interesting, and diverse. Thanks to that (and their short ’n sweet length) I crushed season one in a few days. I hope they’ll produce more!

My favorite episode of said podcast was episode seven with Gregory Crichlow. After hearing about his bike shop, Chocolate Spokes, I went searching for more info and found this video about the business (produced by fellow podcast guest and frequent randoms-for-your-weekend-appearer Brendon Leonard, in fact!). Don’t you want to visit? And also go on a bike ride?

It’s been a few weeks since Golden Hour released but I still can’t stop listening to it.

My best friend sent me this overnight oats recipe with mighty claims that it would not, as many overnight oats recipes do, suck. I have eaten nothing else for breakfast in two weeks.

This “Christ-chella” graphic had me in TEARS. “Jars of Clay Singing Only Flood.” “Jeremy Camp’s Biceps.” “Hillsong Newborns.”

I’m not enormously into poetry, but Ashley McHugh has been writing & sharing it on her Instagram, & this one made me cry. (For obvious reasons.)

Ryley Geometries

Ryley Geometries

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