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Ryley Geometries

Ryley Geometries

Usually, writing is the best way for me to express myself.

But sometimes, you don't need a paragraph. You just need a regular graph.

Case(s) in point!


1. Hanger, explained.

scan (1).jpg

2. Dedicated to my best friend from college, who once commented that at some point along the way we might have stopped making each other better and started making each other worse — encouraging impractical decisions, eating entire pizzas, sending reckless texts, judging other people's social media posts...

scan (5).jpg

3. Summary of many a conversation with annoyed girlfriends looking for that oddly elusive combo of interest AND initiative. (Shoutout boys who love to text but not make plans: do not wonder why you're single.)

scan (1) (1).jpg

4. Rule of thumb.

scan (3).jpg

5. Drawn directly after climbing Grouse Grind. Because regret and progress are directly related until you top out. (I feel like there might be a metaphor here.)

scan (4).jpg

6. A quick reference for describing the temperature in winter in Texas. (This is the third iteration, after much debate with coworkers.)

scan (2).jpg

7. Does everyone else start out in love with their ideas, hate it by the time they ship it, and decide it's not bad after all upon later review? Or is this just me? #drama

scan (6).jpg

8. No explanation necessary.

(This post is sponsored by RightNow Media, who recently bought a new scanner for the office, and my bag, the back pocket of which has been slowly accumulating dumb post-it graphs for months, apparently. I am pleased to report it has now been cleaned out.)

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