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Internet Fun! | November 18

Internet Fun! | November 18


Because I haven’t made a list in a while, here are some fun things from the internet lately:

  • OutsideTV’s Beat Monday series is fun and also makes me feel like I am definitely not beating Monday in comparison? But mostly fun.

  • Loved this interview from Wylder Goods co-founder Lindsey Elliot sharing her perspective on hunting. More of this, please!

  • This is super old, but I missed Texas Monthly feature “The Day the Fire Came” when it first released. Made the mistake of reading it at work one day and actually had to make a quick exit from my desk because I got so emotional. Skip does it again.

  • A behind-the-scenes mini doc about the making of Free Solo, which was as incredible as everyone says, by the way. (Also, this article from Brendan Leonard about it is hilarious.) (Also also, this Outside Magazine feature on Chai Vasarhelyi was brilliant.) (Also also also, language warning for all of these.)

  • Elliot Ross won an award for his American Backyard series! I love his work and enjoyed getting to read a little more of his thought process behind the images.

  • Sky Migrations, a film about bird-of-prey migration by Charles Post, Max Lowe, and Forest Woodward, released to the public not long ago and it’s delightful. A gorgeous and educational and uplifting 16 minutes of ya time.

  • Cup of Jo ran an article recently that was just 10 great reader comments about breakups. It sounds like a downer, but I just thought it was the sweetest post! One of the worst parts of breakups (to me) is that they always feel so awkward — not just for the two people breaking up, but for everyone around them, right? There’s nothing worse than asking a friend about a relationship and finding out it ended… except for being asked about a relationship and having to inform that it’s ended. Anyway, keeping this in my back pocket for the future and for friends. <3

  • I just ran across Sarah Jekyll on Instagram recently and if you can want to hug someone’s drawings that’s how I feel about her drawings.

Okay, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head! If you’ve run across any good articles, videos, or work online lately that you think I should check out, send it my way. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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