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10 Things I'm Loving Lately

10 Things I'm Loving Lately

Remember this post? Same thing. Settling into Dallas, the new job, and the rhythms that go with it; but today, I’m just writing a list for you.

Without further ado, ten things I’m loving lately:

  • COIN’s most recent album. I know it’s not new anymore, but it’s been juuuuust right for both working and running lately.

  • This notebook, which is (true to brand name) a mishmash of different kinds and colors of paper. Makes for super happy scribbling. The binding also always allows the pages to lay perfectly flat, which is a priority of mine. Is this nerdy? Yes. Do I care? No. You guys already knew I was a nerd, anyway. It’s too late. We’re already friends.

  • On my way to a wedding in July, I ran into DSW for a pair of nondescript sandals and walked out 10 minutes later with a pair of gold glitter kitten heels instead. “But where else will you wear them?” some questioned. Um, everywhere?

    And I have.

    And they are glorious.

    (Unfortunately, I can’t find a single picture of said heels anywhere online, but when I post an Instagram picture involving them, I’ll link to it here. Until then, you’re just going to have to trust me.)

  • I run most mornings before work, but on the days when I just need a little extra sleep, I’ve been defaulting to an oldie but goodie — the 12 Minute Athlete app. The HIIT workouts are quick but tough, with the option to include any available equipment, and you can compete against yourself by tracking how many reps you get per round. Super simple. (Also fabulous when traveling!)

  • Dallas is huge, so I’ve basically decided to make weekends my own personal coffee crawl and get to know the city by going to shops in all different parts. So far, I’ve hit The Wild Detectives, Local Press + Brew, Café Victoria, Pearl Cup, and Oak Lawn Coffee. (At some point, I’ll give you guys an in-depth ranking of my findings. I hope the suspense doesn’t kill you.) It’s been a fun way to learn the neighborhoods and get an overall feel for the city. And almost all the baristas have had great suggestions for stuff to do/things to check out!

  • In that same vein, being new/a beginner is way underrated. “I’m new here” or “I’m new to this” are the ultimate excuses to be over-enthusiastic and under-informed. The pressure is immediately off. It’s your get-out-of-jail-free card. You can ask questions, make mistakes, and be generally uncool. Milk being the new kid for as long as you can, people. It’s a great way to live life.

  • “You got something from Glossier? That’s so bougie for you.” — accurate thing my sister said when I ordered this mask. But you know what? It lived up to the hype. And it’s fun. (If you shop for yoself via this link, you’ll get 10 percent off. I also get some kind of discount I think, but I forget what. But I feel the need to tell you that, because otherwise it would be sneaky.)

  • Why didn’t anyone tell me about The Bucket List Family sooner? Are we not friends after all?

  • I scrolled through the books section of Beautiful Pages for over an hour a few nights ago. I have a problem. But I don't want help for it.

  • My job. Seriously. Working for RightNow Media has been an absolute joy so far, and I'm thrilled to have landed in such a great organization (and on such a fun team within it). Going to fill you guys in on the details of what I'm up to at a later date, but until I get that post together, just know I'm the happiest.

Your turn — what are you loving lately?

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