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Ode to the H

Ode to the H


I'm going to continue the ridiculous Texas Trifecta series soon, but I can't when one of the cities in it is currently underwater.

Here's the thing about Houston — Houston people, one of which I have been, can rag on Houston, because Houston is ours.

I can give Houston a hard time.

But you can't.

The same way you can make fun of a little brother or sister  one minute and see red the next if someone else does the same, Houston gets in your blood once you've called it home.

Houston is big and sprawling and not easy on the eyes, but it is a good time.

It's not warm in the traditional sense (unless you count oppressively humid heat, I mean) but it is inviting — walk down any street and you'll see every color, hear every language, and experience every culture, all at messy and wonderful once.

It gets a ghetto rap, but it has fun with and a sense of humor about it.

It's a conglomeration of a lot of things, but it is singularly united in its loud and proud love for itself. Houston people are ride or die for Houston.

And the fact that it's sticking out Harvey but still got time for ridiculousness like this, and this, and this — even if you're NOT from Houston, how do you not love Houston a little? C'mon.

I'm proud of a city of a people that rushes to help each other in a time like this, and I'm praying that the worst of the storm is over and healing can begin. 

Hang in there, H-Town.

Harvey's got nothing on you.

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