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High-Five Friday: July 7

High-Five Friday: July 7

"Nothing in this world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Leave the house before you find something worth staying in for." Banksy

What I've been working on:

After spending a long weekend in Austin ( <3 ) for the Fourth of July, gearing up for the final task of my internship with Kingsland — co-leading the 10th grade mission trip to Montana. (Montana? Yep. One of the least-churched and most Gospel-resistant states in the nation, as it turns out.) At this time tomorrow, I'll be on a plane with a large group of 16-year-olds headed to assist a pair of church-planters and missionaries in Helena. Please pray I don't leave any of them at IAH!!!!! Yeah.

Leading up to that, there hasn't been much for me to do in the missions department, necessarily, so I've been tackling the few things I do have on my plate and floating around and helping with random projects in other departments, including:

  • Editing copy for a big project for Kingsland's 40th anniversary

  • Writing a native advertisement for the church

  • Training and equipping Manna House to run their own website and social media

  • Working out subsequent bugs on the Manna House website and social media

  • Assisting with some editing and layout tasks for student ministry

  • Prepping for the Montana trip!

It's been good and productive, but I'm definitely looking forward to a full week of hands-on service with a fun bunch of teenagers and leaders. (The fact that it's in a really beautiful area with no humidity doesn't hurt, either. Bless on up.)

Randoms for your weekend:

  • Was I the last one to know about The Bucket List Family? Why didn't anyone tell me? I thought we were friends, guys.

  • 8 Things Every Creative Should Know.

  • When most people find out that I specialized in sports journalism in college, they think it's super cool and ask what it was like. My sister sent me this earlier this week, and like — this. This is what it was mostly like. #LAXBRO

  • Loved this Being Boss minisode on scheduling "white space." (Reminder — if you're sensitive to language, maybe don't listen to this podcast ever.)

  • My mom saw a picture of a Wheaton Terrier yesterday and began screaming. Then she showed me and I started screaming. Then she showed Reagan and she started screaming. And now we all want one. And that's all.

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