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High-Five Friday: June 16

High-Five Friday: June 16

"Do your thing and don't care if they like it." Tina Fey

What I'm Working On:

It's the week before VBS, which means that approximately one billion "Go Beyond Explorer" packages needed to be stuffed with all their components — custom coloring books, informational handouts, sticker sheets, bookmarks hand-painted by IVA students, etc. The assembly line-ing was real. And extensive. But fam, we made it.

It was super nice to have a mental "down" week after Kamp (Kingsland's summer youth camp) last week. Going wasn't technically part of my job, but it just felt like my internship experience would be incomplete without it, you know? (100 percent true and 100 percent worth the sleep deprivation, as it turns out. It was one of the most fun and meaningful weeks of my time here.)

Also, since so many of you have asked, the job interview I told you about in my last HFF post resulted in an offer the following week... and I accepted it!

Next month, I'll be joining the RightNow Media team in McKinney, Texas as a social media designer. I'm going to go ahead and not play it cool and just tell you guys — I'm pumped. Excited to work for a company whose mission I so believe in (and has impacted many dear to me), and with people who fist-pumped when I finished someone's casual Office quote during my interview.

Randoms for your weekend:

  • I love this idea.

  • A sweet, important perspective on the work you do versus the person you are. (It's what a lot of older generations try to communicate to younger, to be fair, but it's not condescending, which is lovely!)

  • In case you somehow missed it, Alex Honnold. Free. Soloed. El Capitan. Hahahahahahaha WUT.

  • I went down a brief capsule wardrobe rabbit hole earlier this week and at the risk of sounding uppity, I don't think it sounds that hard? And it seemed like something people were making way more complicated than it needed to be? I'm fairly low-maintenance and don't tend to buy a lot of clothes to begin with, but maybe I'm wrong and it would be more difficult than I thought. Anyway, I liked Un-Fancy's take on it, strategy-wise, but I think I might try it for a bit just out of curiosity.

  • Look, a cartoon about me.

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