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Loving Lately

Loving Lately

It feels like life has been moving faster than usual lately, and I haven't gotten to stockpile posts like I normally do.

So instead of trying to force-write something deep and meaningful for you tonight, I decided this week I'd just share ten random things I'm loving lately. Deal? Deal.

  • I just finished IF: Equip's Enjoying Jesus study on spiritual disciplines, and it was awesome. Everything is still online and on the app (and all free), and I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're looking for a personal study!

  • Lindy Conant's Every Nation album. It's exactly an hour long beginning to end, and about once a week I'll go to the gym and run intervals to it straight through. Treadmill experience gets very Jesusy very quick. (Also, yes, treadmill, because Katy = concrete = shin splints.)

  • My sweet friend Abby who is a very cool freshman in high school asked me if I wanted to go get my nails done this week. I haven't gotten my nails done since my best friend paid for me to get my nails done for my 22nd birthday, and I really couldn't care less about them, but I told Abby yes because I love her. I chose this very obnoxious orange color (this, I think? or this? unsure) and now every time I look at my hands I feel happy. And like my life is put together because my nails aren't ugly. It's the little things, people.

  • This mural my sister painted. Have I mentioned she's really cool?

  • Deleting my Twitter account, even though it means I have nowhere to publicly air my emotions about the NBA playoffs.

  • Speaking of which, the NBA playoffs, obviously. GSG.

  • Yesterday I ran out of this lipstick and got really dramatic about it really fast, so apparently I've been loving that a little too much, idk.

  • This font.

  • Udemy courses. Seth Godwin released one via the platform back in December & gave his blog followers (hi) a discount. I'm currently enrolled in one on Facebook advertising & one on SEO — both things I'd like to have more expertise in but know I won't just figure out on my own in my free time.

  • Teton Gravity Research's film series "Proximity," which just gives me the travel bug in a bad way. And makes me wish I could surf.

Share the love and tell me what your favorite things are lately, too. In the meantime, I'll be working on getting some more posts written for you.

Happy Wednesday, you are all peaches.

High-Five Friday: ¡Cinco de Mayo!

High-Five Friday: ¡Cinco de Mayo!