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High-Five Friday: March 3

shoutout my iPhone and Houston for being cool sometimes

"I used to think you needed to be special for God to use you, but now I know you simply need to say yes." Bob Goff

What I'm working on:

Between a couple of magazine articles and copy for Kingsland, it was a writing-heavy week for me. Plus, quite a bit of planning for the India trip at the end of the month took place, and I'm pumped. Tagging along with such a fun team, and I can't wait to experience for myself what I've heard so many of them describe.

Also, I guess this isn't technically work, but I'm spending tonight casually sleeping over at the church with a hundredish teenage girls and a handful of fellow leaders for Kingsland's annual I Believe conference. The theme is prayer, and as such, I figured I'd ask — would you be praying for the girls who attend? Actually?

My friend Lindsay (who is running this thing, by the way, so special shoutout to that woman) made these sweet cards with a word that describes the girls according to God — true words and phrases like CHOSEN, PRECIOUS, ADORED, DAUGHTER, and WORTH FIGHTING FOR. (A reality check for those of you who have not hung out with a teenage girl in a while: these are about the opposite of the words spoken over them — often by them — 99 percent of the time.) Each girl will get a card, and I've just been praying through a stack of them for the past day or so, hoping that the girls we spend time with this weekend will walk away accepting and believing these words about themselves.

Randoms for your weekend:

Remember how I told you last week I would do better this week? I lied to you. I really did. Here is all I have to offer you:

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