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High-Five Friday: February 24

The purpose of the story or music or painting is to further the coming of the Kingdom, to make us aware of our status as children of God, and to turn our feet towards home." Madeline L'Engle

What I've been working on:

It was a mixed bag this week! In the KBC world, we heard back on printing prices and specifics for the ladies at The Comforter's Center and I sent their final files to them. I wrote up a press release on Caring for Katy for a local paper, went and took a bunch of photos of Manna House for their website update, kept developing their copy, sent my visa paperwork off for a trip to India at the end of March — lots of small tasks, but it gave me a lot to cross of the to-do list, so that's always satisfying.

As far as freelance goes, I got the ball rolling on two articles for Katy Magazine, helped develop and write up the first of a new monthly newsletter for a family friend working in the mission field (will link to that later so you can learn more, if interested!), and passed a friend's logo project on to my sister, who is a way more talented artist than me. My strength in design is layout; more illustration-y, complex designs are still pretty over my head and Reagan is so good. My goal is to give clients the best work possible, and sometimes that means pointing them to someone better than me.

Randoms for your weekend:

Guys, I'm slacking here. I've been really on my book game lately, but that means I haven't been on my random internet stuff game. I deeply apologize for being a semi-normal human and will try to do better this week. Until then:

  • Do you follow Brendan Leonard and his golden infographics/illustrations? Because you definitely should.
  • Reagan sent me this and I LOL'd. (Bible humor!!!)
  • In case you missed it, Kyrie Irving told everyone during NBA All-Star weekend that he, like B.o.B., is a Flat Earther. This delights me, not because I believe the earth is flat, but because I just enjoy the fact that it spurred an irrelevant, collective argument from millions for the known fact that the earth is not in fact flat. It also just makes me happy that there are apparently people who really, really believe it is. Humans are incredible! Anyway, this Ringer article about the whole thing was literally the only article I read online this week so I just threw it in.


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