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High-Five Friday: February 3

shoutout my iPhone and Alpine, TX

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

What I'm working on:

I don't want to brag, but I think I probably set some kind of record for Most Complicated Way to Design a Logo Ever this week. (Self-taught Adobe user things!!!)

Besides KBC and Manna House stuff, I needed to finish a logo for a local client, and it gave me a serious run for my money.

I like logos to be fairly simple — the less detail they have while still conveying the desired look, feel, and message, the better. So when the client switched from wanting the primary shape in her logo to be a circle to wanting it to be a stargazer lily, it took me approximately 47 different tries and methods to effectively simplify it.

I tried tracing photos of stargazer lilies, drawings of stargazer lilies, images of stargazer lily tattoos. I overwhelmed Illustrator so much converting things to line drawings and outlines and all kinds of stuff that was probably entirely the wrong that my computer actually just shut down from the stress a couple of times. And even when it sort of worked, the outline of an actual stargazer lily, it turns out, doesn't translate well without all the color and shadow inside it. (I'm sure there are graphic design friends banging their heads against the nearest wall because there's a really easy way to do this. It's fine.)

So anyway, I finally just drew a stupid stargazer lily petal, took a photo of that, digitized it, and arranged six of them to resemble the shape of a whole flower. In 20 minutes. And I liked it. And she liked it. And I thought about the approximately six hours of life I'd lost trying to make it on the computer and kind of laughed maniacally to myself and ate a snack and cried or something and yeah it was a great learning process!!!!!!!!!!

Randoms for your weekend:

  • Awkward run-ins: a very true illustration.
  • Did you know that C.S. Lewis has a space trilogy?! Am I the last one to know that? A friend told me about them this week and I just started reading the first. (Reading fiction, I know. New year new me???)
  • What a cool ad campaign. Such a good reminder — this would have been awesome to do with my youth group in Drip.
  • Remember the group of women I mentioned a while back climbing Kilimanjaro for Africa New Life? Well, they made it! — and Esther Havens' photos of the trek have been incredible, of course.
  • Did you guys know I love the Spurs or...?

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