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Weekend Roundup: October 7

Weekend Roundup: October 7


What I’m working on:

The first month of my job felt like just getting my bearings at RightNow — learning what was going on, and when, and how to keep up. Meeting people and putting names with faces and getting my name and face familiar enough to them that they knew what I was doing and why and what to expect. Learning as much as I could, from everyone. Taking care of day-to-day logistics — getting access to all our accounts, finding a posting platform I liked, figuring out my calendar system. Finding some rhythm, identifying some goals, getting some higher-level vision for the marketing direction I should be taking.

Once I had my feet under me, month two was about starting to climb. RightNow had been posting a few times a week, and we wanted to move to posting multiple times a day, every day, on all our platforms. Rather than do it all at once, firehose-style, I started slowly but steadily increasing every week — one post per platform per day, then one on Facebook and Instagram but two to three on Twitter; then two per day on Facebook, three on Twitter, and one on Instagram plus a story, etc.

By the start of month three, I felt like we were at a good, high output volume. I've switched gears from a slow climb to a steady hold — keeping us at the same amount of content, but trying to really tighten and refine my planning, scheduling, posting, tweaking and engaging of it throughout the week. I want to be able to produce this output on automatic, basically; as quickly and efficiently as possible, so I can create the space to work on and develop things beyond immediate needs.

At first, I was scrambling just to get everything mapped out and done by Friday. Slowly but surely, though, my weekly margin has increased as I improve my process. It’s small, but for me, it’s exciting — because that margin is where the really good stuff happens. That’s where I get to explore bigger-vision ideas, brainstorm projects, research and educate myself (because social media changes constantly), and even just go in and add “wow” factor to everyday tasks. Margin = fun. (A good takeaway for life in general, honestly.)

As far as the actual content goes, you can see it for yoself by liking RightNow Media on Facebook and following on Twitter and Instagram. The writing is all me, but the real showstoppers are the graphics and video, which are done by my coworkers. I work with people so talented it makes my head hurt, guys. One day I’ll probably just explode.

Randoms for your weekend:

  • Speaking of my coworkers, you should check out their freelance work. My boss, Mike Marshall, is a ridiculously talented designer and illustrator. Chase Martin and Jeff Smith are branding brains behind Full Swing Studio. Daniel Lu can be found at Here Comes Daniel designing, illustrating, and working UI magic. Jared Tohlen (From Slayter Creek) is also a graphic designer, but ALSO also, he does woodworking, which is art IRL and for that reason somehow an entire new level of impressive to me. If anyone is looking for branding, design, or website help (or, like, a handmade chair or something), these guys are so gifted and so good. You should hire 'em.

  • Tiny celebrations: a how-to guide.

  • I took this SkillShare class recently, and I'd highly recommend it. Really specific and practical advice! (Sophia Chang's Instagram account is also dope and you should follow it.)

  • Bethel Music's most recent album has been on repeat in my earbuds this week, so if you're not too cool for some worship music, it will bless you right up.


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