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High-Five Friday: January 13

shoutout my iPhone and what I wish it looked like outside

"The most effective way to do it, is to do it." Amelia Earhart

FYI I just now decided right now today that I'm going to stop trying to title these and every HFF post from here on out is just gonna be "High-Five Friday" and the date. I feel so free.

What I'm working on:

Still putting together the Comforter's Center package, and great news — I got over last week's dramatics, sent two mock-ups to them, have all but one piece laid out according to their subsequent pick.

Now I just need to go through and touch up some things — I think the lines of the logo might be a little too thick, so I'm debating going in and redrawing (and re-digitizing) that. I'm also not crazy about the typeface I'm currently using, but crossing my fingers that finding one that better fits will be a breeze. (LOL.)

Going to share it all once it's done — which is hopefully soon, because poor Manna House has been waiting in line for too long now to get their online/social media assets in order. Hoping to spend the second half of January focused on that, and definitely looking forward to it.

I've also been doing some work for Ryley Writes, and two things:

  1. I finally installed an email subscription capability! So now at the bottom of every post, there's a little box where you can plug in your email and new posts will be sent to you when I release them. Yay technology!
  2. I'm still following my editorial calendar (so proud of me rn) and already prepping for the next interview in my Conversational series, which you guys are going to love, and finalizing the ins and outs of a special project that's been living in my brain for a while now. If I could stick one of those little party cone emojis here, I would. Use your imaginations.

Randoms for your weekend:

  1. Y'all know how I feel about Canada, so you can bet I was super pleased when The New York Times had a handful of Canadian writers put together a short essay series called "My Canada" about the places in their home country they love most.
  2. Looking at this collection of aerial New Jersey winter photos was maybe the only time I've ever felt affection towards New Jersey.
  3. New York Times Magazine (can you guys tell I burned through my free articles limit in the New York-titled journalism sphere this week) filmed Jimmy Chin (can you guys tell I'm a Jimmy Chin fan) climbing NYC's tallest spire in 360-degrees, virtual-reality style. One of the coolest, highest-quality multimedia stories I've ever seen. And, as usual, I love seeing feature journalism adapt to new mediums. This is beautiful and brilliant. (Best viewed on a smartphone or tablet, so you can take advantage of the 360-degree thing. You'll see what I mean!)
  4. Starting tomorrow, a team of incredible, talented women is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds and awareness for Africa New Life's Dream Medical Center in Kigali, Rwanda. You can read all about the details and team members via the link, but I've followed Esther Havens via social media for several years now (she's one of my favorite photographers, I want to be her real-life friend) and it's been so fun to follow and support her climb training and preparation. Rooting for them this weekend!
  5. This flowchart.

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