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High-Five Friday: January 27

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"Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." J.K. Rowling

What I'm working on:

A little of everything this week!

I finished the Comforter's Center graphics package, just waiting to hear back from them on any final adjustments before I send them the files for printing.

I started work on overhauling marketing materials for Manna House — auditing their current websites (plural, yes) and social media platform (singular, yes) (hoping to reverse that in the near future) and starting the redesign process for their print brochure.

Excited to get past the sharpie-wielding, problem-finding stage and move into problem solving for them. So much love for this ministry and all they've done in the Houston area. We're really hoping to see some growth for them!

Finally, I've gotten the opportunity to tackle some fun freelance projects. I was assigned a couple of stories for Katy Magazine this month — loved dipping my toes back into the journalism world, even if only for a bit. (Sorry, marketing — it beats you every time, hands-down.) Got those written up and submitted just in time to start working on designing a personal logo and business cards for a friend of a friend here in town. Finished her first round of mock-ups today, and we're both pretty excited about the design she chose! I'll share more once we're further along in the process.

Randoms for your weekend:


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