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Youth Ministry: Quotable

So I covered the more serious (and most sincere) reasons why I'll miss my youth group in Tuesday's post; but there is yet another that I couldn't figure out how to include in the mix without kind of killing the heartfelt mood.

Basically, they're hilarious.

I kept a running — though woefully incomplete — quote book throughout my time at BBC Drip of the funny/bizarre/perhaps slightly disturbing/just plain confusing things that came out of our kids' mouths. Adding to it quickly became a highlight for David, Haley and me; a beautiful promise that, even on days when our teenagers were behaving like demons, we might at least get a golden quip of weirdness from one of them in return for our hard work.

It's a tradition I dearly hope continues after my departure, and I can't fully, properly commemorate my time leading the group without sharing some of my favorites.

Therefore, without further ado, I give you a compilation of beautiful, original, and highly inspirational BBC Dripping Springs quote graphics.* I thought about giving them some context, but it really wouldn't make any of them make more sense, anyway. ENJOY.

*All quotes sans attribution to protect the innocent, their parents, and their youth leaders (because one or two of these may or may not have actually been said by one of us, and not a sixth grader).

Highway 90

Youth Ministry: Deep and Wide