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High-Five Friday

Better late than never?

Here are your five links for the weekend:

  1. There's plenty controversial about Bill Simmons, but no one can deny his skill as an editor. I was pumped to find out about his new project, The Ringer, this week — already signed up for the newsletter, and it's killer. No surprise.
  2. Speaking of newsletters, you should sign up for Shea Serrano's illustrated NBA newsletter, while you're at it.
  3. Speaking of newsletters again, I'm learning at work that I know next to nothing about email marketing and learning in life that it seems to be kind of a big deal these days. One of my favorite podcasts just released an episode about it... I'll be listening on my drive to my parents' this weekend.
  4. I swear my love for football automatically increases in proportion to how long I'm in Texas. I've now been here long enough that when I came across this photo gallery sifting through The Players' Tribune this past week, I got emotional. So, uh, that's a thing.
  5. Sports Illustrated recently unveiled the SI Vault, a treasure trove of years and years of high-quality sports writing. Yes, I'm geeking out.

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