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#BroDiaries: Working with Women Vs. Working with Men

shoutout my iPhone

shoutout my iPhone

For the past four years, I've worked almost exclusively in and with sports.

I love sports. Always have, always will. It's still ultimately the subject I want my work to center around in the future.

It's no secret that sports are a male-dominated field. It's never been a huge issue for me, if we're being honest — I've been blessed to work with some great guys throughout the years. Generally speaking, if you work hard and well and are nice to people along the way, you'll gain respect no matter who you are or what you do. The instances in which I've encountered any sort of disrespect or opposition as a woman working in sports have been rare and mild; and I've found the best response has been to ignore it and keep producing killer work.

That said, there have definitely been moments in the past four years where I've sometimes felt like my day-to-day job was Professional Little Sister. I've gotten comfortable being the only girl in the room on a daily basis. (Too comfortable, possibly? The last time I got asked on a date my mom called me and told me to "try not to be such a bro." Nothing like a good "don't bring up basketball or protein powder!" pep talk to make you feel confident heading out the door on a Friday night, EH?!)

My current job, in contrast, not only has nothing to do with sports, but is on a staff comprised 100% of women.

To say it's different is an understatement. How? I am so glad you asked because I made you a terrific list.


  • It is decorated like Pinterest
  • It's quiet
  • It smells like candles and coffee, not armpit
  • There are no hockey sticks, skates, or gym bags laying around
  • We are expected to wear real clothes (R.I.P. my running tights/hoodies/Sk8-Hi's)
  • No one has called anyone any rude/gross/politically incorrect names
  • No one calls anyone by their last name
  • Everyone just calls each other by their first names!
  • No one has thrown anything at me
  • No one has made fun of me
  • No one has hidden any of my stuff from me
  • No one has yelled
  • No one has burped
  • No one has farted
  • No one has gotten in trouble for driving the gator to the pizza place across the street
  • I don't think we even own a gator
  • No pranks have been pulled
  • There doesn't appear to be a daily group gym sesh but I might see if I could get that going who knows
  • Sometimes people ask me about my feelings
  • Everyone noticed my toenail polish

You get the gist.

It's weird.

It's great, though! I have built-in conversation starters with new coworkers, for one thing, who find stories from my former life very bizarre and foreign. I can also wear skirts without any massive bruises from run-ins with stray pucks and possibly cry if I need to without anyone videoing me for their Snapchat story!

And someday, when I'm back in sports, I will have had a nice, long, well-decorated buffer from all things dude and be better and more experienced for it. In the meantime, I'm enjoying girl world — even if I do (inexplicably) miss my bros.

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