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High-Five Friday

Someday, it won't be a Tom Brady GIF. But today is not that day.

Five links I liked for your weekend!

  1. If my move back to Austin has taught me anything, it's that holy cow Austin has gotten really, really big. This Texas Monthly article on that very topic is insightful and so personally written — captures the bittersweet element for us native Austinites.
  2. Right before I moved, my friend and fellow crossfitter Alejandra Metz started a blog of her own, and I WAS THE FIRST ONE SHE EVER LET READ IT. I of course was partial to the post about me (insert that girl-flipping-her-hair emoji here), but check out all of it — it's written exactly like she talks, which is the best part.
  3. I pre-ordered this book the other day...
  4. ...mainly because Shea Serrano told me to. (The man is an undercover marketing genius.)
  5. Haven't actually listened to it yet, but my parents both raved about Tim Ferris' recent podcast with guru Seth Godin. It's on my to-do list this weekend!

Home Again II: Shoutout My People

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