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High-Five Friday

This is just a list of five things that inspired/interested me this week. Since I plan on making it a regular thing, I'm hoping to get a little logo for it or something; but until I do, I'm just going to keep using Tom Brady high-five GIFs, because why would I not.

After sharing my eating disorder story earlier this week, this week's linkage includes some related stories and resources. Even if you've never had any body image issues, they're worth checking out — along with a podcast and an article I liked. Check em out:

  1. I might never have shared my eating disorder story if my friend Jenny MacArthur hadn't shared hers first. Her testimony and courage in telling it stunned me and had a huge impact on my own recovery. Thank you, Jenny.
  2. Also related to Monday's post — it's tough trying to find truly applicable articles about healthy body image. I ran across this one from all-around great blog She Thrives last week, though, and it's one of the best I've read. Super practical.
  3. THIS.
  4. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and since I've been focused on brainstorming and backloading content for this site lately, I absolutely loved this recent Being Boss episode about content creation and production. Such good motivation and some incredibly helpful tips for anyone trying to build up their own body of work.
  5. Thought this Outside Online article about female participation in big-wave surfing was pretty interesting. (Don't think it convinced me to tow out anytime soon, though...)

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