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Juice: I'm out of it.

I've given writing a post about Uganda a solid try several times now, and every time it ends with a block of words but no real substance. It doesn't happen a ton, but think my brain just needs more time for this one. Just keepin' you people updated.

I'll have one for you in the new year for sure. In fact, for the first time ever, I'm laying out a (flexible) editorial calendar for myself. It's something I've done for plenty of clients, at both my current and last job, but I decided that it was time for Ryley Writes to get more than whatever thoughts happened to be on my mind when I look up and realize, oh, dang, it's Tuesday and I haven't put anything up yet. Baby steps in building my body of work!

So part of my problem writing about the past/present might be that my head's a bit in the future — and it's okay to designate some time for that now and again. I try to live in the present as fully as possible, but you have to let your brain run wild sometimes. It's healthy.

While I'm at it, will you do me a favor? Let me know what your favorite stuff has been on the blog — certain posts, topics, or type — and if there's anything you'd like to read/see more of. You can comment below (it just requires your email address, and I don't think it even subscribes you — though I am working on getting a subscription system installed! I promise!), email me, or hmu on social media. This blog is a creative outlet, personally; but it's definitely more fun sharing it with others, and it's been awesome to see that aspect of it grow in 2016. As I spend the last few days of this year praying, planning, and getting my juices re-flowing for the next, I'd so appreciate your help. Because you make this shindig more fun.

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