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High-Five Friday: Finish Lines

shoutout my iPhone and Jesus I mean look at that sky are you serious

This week was one of finish lines of different kinds; hectic personally and heartbreaking politically, so cheers to it being Friday. All parties involved (<--- lol see what I did there) deserve it a little extra today, I think.

What I'm working on:

FINISHING THE DECEMBER MISSIONS PUBLICATION. It's been in the editing/finalization process all week. Today it goes to print. Prayers go up. Also, if you want an idea of what my brain looks like at the end of this process, just look at my desktop, currently:

And more has been added since I took that screenshot! Hahahahahahaha *cries a little*

As soon as this is done, it's on to the next thing. December is also missions emphasis month at Kingsland, so we had a creative team meeting earlier this week discussing the "visual merchandising" (what's the proper term for this when you're not merchandising anything?) of the church throughout the Christmas season — photo displays, stage decor, media content, kids' and student space-specific art, takeaway pieces, etc. It was super fun, except possibly for the part where we realized it needs to be done within a week, basically; but still fun.

I need to finish up some marketing work for Manna House now that the magazine is finished, too; and Omar just booked my and fellow intern Naomi's tickets to Uganda next month! Stoked to help the pregnancy resource center we partner with in Kampala redesign their marketing material and develop both local and social media promotion plans for them.

Randoms for your weekend:

  • If you only read one thing about the election, make it this.
  • Austin Kleon on finding your "bliss station."
  • Speaking of behind the scenes, on my trip last weekend, I stopped by Big Bend Saddlery (so cool, by the way) and found the companion book to the documentary Unbranded. Snapped it up and been savoring it section by section ever since. It goes deeper into the making of the film, the creative process behind it, their fundraising campaign, and behind-the-scenes notes and stories from every section of the trail. Such an amazing idea.
  • Also trip-related — on Monday, a friend (Hi, Jenea!) stopped by my office and asked if I'd heard of Eddie Bauer's 50 Peaks Campaign. It's been over for a while now, but I spent two hours later that day just going through the project's site, reading stories and watching video on it. So awesome.
  • A data map of the most introverted and extroverted cultures.



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